GigStar offers Full Production Crews and Training to all our Talent ~ Pay by the Hour/Day or Project

There has been some much appreciated growth with GigStar and we want to thank our followers for your wonderful support.  We’ve been working to expand our offers and services to help the musician, models and actors that are working to build their careers.

It’s been a long run up to get where we are.  We’ve been working to build a platform that will help many artist build their crafts.

We work with people who want to make a difference in the talent industry.  That is for both sides of the camera or microphone, so not only does the talent have a better platform but their fans will have a better experience.

  • Production Teams
  • Photographers and Set Designers
  • Writers and Artists
  • Fashion Designers
  • All the support that goes with it

It takes quite a team of people to make a production happen, weather your shooting footage or photography, there’s a lot going on to get it from plan to completion.

We are always looking for more great talent for all aspects of the process.  A client may want to a 30 second TV commercial or a full movie production or maybe just 5 minute YouTube training video.  In any case we want to supply the best talent for our clients and ensure they are ready and properly trained for the project.

  1. Experienced crews.
  2. Experienced Photographers.
  3. Full production video from concept to completion.
  4. Actors, models and music from our own resources.

Meet with Professionals.

  There are many opportunities to meet with industry professionals.  If you just looking for a few gigs to try it out and have fun or looking for serious coaching to build your career, we got you covered.

Find out what workshops, seminars and coaching opportunities we have coming up.

GigStar has access to top training and career coaching for you.
Starting from as little as $24 a day to $49 per course.

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