Model Pose For That…$49

This workshop is all about the pose.  You will learn to pose for the right situation, dynamic, peaceful, action or what ever the Gig calls for.

Don’t be intimidated when you show up to a Go-See and they expect you to just whip out some poses for the situation.

GigStar Workshops train you to be ready and to impress.

Things you will learn at this workshop:

  • Set mood and theme they are expecting
  • Client expectations
  • Be the Actor-type-Model
  • Comedy, action, serious, jolting…

Themed shoots

If you are on a themed shoot, the client may want an auto mechanic that is funny or they may want an office setting showing total chaos in the office.

Maybe they are selling a new basement remodeling service and want to use humor in their ad.  Maybe they are selling cars and want a funny mom with six kids looking for a mini-van.  What ever their situation or ad requirements are, we will help you be ready to pull off many situations when on an Audition or Go-See.

  1. Practice in real shoots
  2. Learn to work with the camera
  3. Understand what the client wants
  4. Know how to work with the set crew
  5. You are the spotlight, take it!

Make the most of your next Audition

Model Posing
Learn to Model

Every major company in your community uses advertising, it could be you in that next ad.

Confidence is a key component in making a great impression.  Confidence comes from knowing your material and being skilled at your trade and knowing it.

Don’t lose your next Go-See to the other person, you be the one with the skills they are looking for.

Model Posing
Learn to Model

A model on a themed shoot who happens to look the part for the client.

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